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Professional Education

Designed and customized training programs for you and a few friends.  Collaborate in a fun, challenging, and effective way.  Your group will provide support and motivation for friendly competition.

Olympic Trials, Squaw Valley

TriggerPoint restorative technique demos and product education

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3 day intensive TRX education series

Conference and Event Presentation

Improve mobility, restore natural bio-mechanics, and alleviate pain through  various applications of myofascial release techniques.  All of my private and group trainings will dedicate some time to this necessary and under-utilized aspect of training.     


Tailored to each individual's goals, needs and abilities.  I will not only train and inspire you, but educate you on how to become self-sufficient in your path towards a better, happier and healthier life through movement.         


2 day TRX up-skill and trainer development for MWR employees

IDEA 2017 Pre-Con Presentation

TRX Functional Training Course (FTC) qualification